Saturday, October 4, 2014

So it's been over 3 years since my last post and a lot has changed.  I won't go through the entire list but I do have to mention my 3 1/2 grandchildren (one is on the way).  What a life changing experience seeing my kids become parents and watching them raise their children.  Erin and Matt are now in New Mexico where Matt finished his CV-22 training.  Michael and Lauren have moved to a larger house which includes a separate area for Bill and Pat (Lauren's parents) who live with them.  Michael is keeping busy renovating and improving their new home.  Candice and Bruno are no longer together which was a very sad time but definitely best for both of them.  Candice now has her own Matt who she met through eharmony.   Hopefully this will go where I think it is going and there will be a marriage and more babies.  I'm still working in the business office of the nursing home and Mike is currently "retired".  I keep telling him he isn't old enough yet but as usual he isn't listening.  Only time will tell what happens next.  Hope it isn't another 3 years before I post again.  MP

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